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Question 1

A Rectangular plate (denoted as slide in the image) of dimensions 25mmx75mm is placed in a 2D space with the x and y axis as shown in the above picture. It is attached to an xy linear actuation system. The origin is fixed. Two corners of the plate are on the x and y axes when the actuation system is at (0,0). Plate is tilted at 53𝆩 with respect to x at all times.

Question 2

A CAM drives a mass up and down when we turn the lever using the lever lifter.
The ratio of the vertical displacement between the mass and the Lever lifting point is 1:10.
In other words, if the lever lifter moves up 'h' distance from a lever horizontal position as shown in the figure, the mass will move up h/10 distance.One way to write this relationship is; x=h/10, where x is the vertical displacement of the mass.
Write another way we can write the above equation using 'theta'.

Question 3

In abowe image,
If l = 2375 mm & p = 37 mm
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