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USCAP Annual Meeting 2022
Rohit Hiwale, CEO of Morphle Labs
Whom: Rohit Hiwale, CEO, Morphle Labs Inc.
When: March 21-24 in Los Angeles, CA.
Where: Booth No. 224, Exhibit Hall
New stuff we bring for you this USCAP 2022:
1. Hemolens - World's first xxx that can xxx
2. AI studio - every researcher's dream! we help you xxxx
3. Live microscopy mode for frozen section & ROSE reporting
4. Large format scanners for 6x8 / 2x3" slides
5. Integrated Prostate Gleason scoring AI , ER PR HER2 KI67 AI
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"Talk to us to hear about our journey from the best seller at USCAP 2021
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Specific Solutions for Specific Problems
Secure phased Archival
"Exclude the IT guys from diagnosis"
Affordable cloud backups @ $1 per slide per Decade
AI Studio
"Unleash the SWE in you"

Build custom AI with AI Studio / use pre-built Prostate & IHC AI
AI integrated Haematology Scanners
"Why should 40x have all the fun?"
True 100x oil scanners with preclassified WBCs, RBCs, Plateletes
Large slide format 40x scanners
"Go over and beyond"

Load 6x8, 4x6, 2x3 inch slides
Classic 40X Histo/Cyto Scanners
Z- Stack, Live microscopy, Classic WSI
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The Story Behind
Dr. Chandra Krishnan from Clinical Pathology Associates
CLIA Validation Module
Clinical Pathology Associates, Austin, TX
Dr. Chandra Krishnan and Dr. Joe White
"Morphle listens to everything we want when it comes to Digital Pathology and delivers exactly that every time"
We met Dr. Chandra during USCAP 21 at our Virtual booth, and he needed a robust solution that would help him tele-report paediatric cases from the Ascension Hospital in Florida. Old school WSI and Live Microscopy for unstained samples did the job for Clinical Pathology Associates.
The next step, Dr. Chandra started with CLIA validations. When we heard the long process of record keeping, we built out a tool which would let the pathologists add in post-glass results and automatically give out a pdf of the concordance with pre-glass.
Since last year, Dr. Chandra has added 3 scanners to help him out.
Dr. Imran Khan from NIH
Custom tool to Metastatic Micro-Tumors
NIH Bethesda
Dr. Imran Khan
"Morphle’s greatest strengths versus other solutions I’ve used is its simplicity and ease of customisation, which lets researchers create the perfect workflow for their unique studies."
Dr. Imran was looking out for a solution that would give him control over his study
With tools that gave him a black box solution and just a number always swayed him out of his comfort zone. During our initial discussion, Dr. Imran wanted a scanner that had the perfect resolution to help him hunt for metastatic colonies from xenograft tumor models. On this an option to export the annotations as a csv was all that he needed.
Further discussion post installations, we tried to understand how we could help him further, and built a solution that would let him hunt for metastasis and tool would then help out in accurately annotate a bounding box around the micro-tumours.
Today at NIH..
Dr. Ahmed Ali from NHS Broomfield. UK
Education across the Globe
NHS - Broomfield
Dr. Ahmed Ali
“When it comes to tele-education, Morphle is my #1 go-to tool. If you’re serious about Digital Pathology, get hold of Morphle.”
Dr. Ahmed is someone who likes spending his free time teaching students across the globe and sharing his acquired expertise.He was seeking a partner to help him jump the barriers of network connectivity, and the security risks of hosting slides

Owing to Morphle's unlimited concurrent logins and web-based viewer that is simple and intuitive,
Dr. Ahmed can share a link of the scans locally hosted and focus on what matters most, Educating the budding pathos!
His relentless pursuit of knowledge under the microscope has led to countless quality diagnoses all across the globe.
1 Million+ slides reported on Morphle whole slide scanners and counting!
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