Morphle manufactures its 101st slide scanner for NIH’s NCI

Featured article at News Medical

Morphle Labs makes its ceremonial 101st scanner for NIH’s National Cancer Institute. It customized the scanner to fit the research needs of NCI. Morphle Labs, a medtech startup founded in 2017, positions its products as the best in smartness, simplicity, and robustness.

At NIH, the 6-slide Optimus 6X will be used in the Patricia Steeg lab for counting brain metastases of several breast cancer lines (4T1-BR5, MDA-MB-231Br etc.) using the whole slide scanner where they are attempting to assess the metastasis frequency and efficacy of drug treatment on breast cancer metastasis to brain under the guidance of Dr. Imran Khan who specialises in breast cancer metastasis. The scanner will be used for scanning regular slides as well as counting the number of mets in the mouse brain, and also measuring these mets.

It’s fundamental pitch, as Mr. Daniel says, is “with growing possibilities opening up for the pathology community, you need a partner who understands your needs and can keep you as a priority over themselves. Morphle is that customer-centric company that strives for customer success.”

He continues, “our friends at NIH were using a scanner that expected people’s lives to revolve around it. We just flipped the switch, and made our scanner revolve around their lives!”

Some of the other things that Mr. Daniel says which the people at NIH liked are:

  1. It is not a black box solution: Creating closed black boxes has been the norm in pathology. However, Morphle scanners allow you to add features that let you innovate
  2. 0% slide rejections: Morphle scanners do not reject slides for not having the right stain or for not being the right kind of a slide. They scan all the slides with 100% success rate!